Error Message 3022: How to activate Microsoft Live OneCare

I have been using Microsoft Live OneCare for 3 months and Today, it was time to activate it after the 3 months trial.

I really like it and it’s much faster and less intrusive than Norton Security, who lost my business with their last version. So, I was ready to subscribe to Live OneCare…

I followed the instructions and used my usual Passport Live login that I have been using with Microsoft for a long time. When trying to purchase the damn thing, I got the following message after logging in:

Review details for your locationThe selected plan is available, but the plan details may differ in your location. To review the plan details for your location, click Continue

If you get this message more than once, report it as a recurring problem.
Message 3022

I am not stupid, but nothing did it. I wasn’t able to purchase the damn thing. Some Googling did not help other than the fact I wasn’t the only one having this problem.

But, I finally found a solution: create a new account with a account.  Messy, but it works!