Now using Google Reader

To keep track of my blogs through RSS feeds, I was using SharpReader. I think I was using a fairly old version, but anyway, with Internet Explorer 7, it does not support tabs.

After all the hype, I decided to jump and use Google Reader.

Fortunately, it was a snap to import my list of feeds by importing an OPML file that SharpReader could export.

I have been using it for about a week and I can say I like it. The main advantage – and its the reason why I decided to use it – is that I can track my feeds at home and at work. The only think I don’t like, is that sometimes (more often that I would prefer), it jams, you stare at a Google Labs hourglass and it shoots the following:

It sure doesn’t happen with a desktop news reader.

But, for its advantages, I think I will stick with Google Reader.


Oups, I just got a new one, a 503:

Oh well, these things happens in the Web 2.0 world… It could be worse, I could be without power.

At least, Google wasn’t lying, I tried about 60 seconds later and it worked.

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