Xbox live Video Marketplace coming soon to Canada


Like many fellow Canadians, I am getting tired of all the announcements for Xbox Live Video Marketplace contents while we don’t have the capability to purchase or rent TV episodes or movies. The rest of the world is in the same boat, but, as we are in the same region for movies and TV shows than the USA, we would expect Microsoft to offer a video marketplace in Canada.

While browsing I stumbled on Jade’s web page on the Web site. I was a bit taken by the way the intro is formulated:

Hi it’s Jade, your girl from the DL on all Xbox goodness Canada has to offer. Buffy, Borat and RPGs – just a few of my favourite things.

So, I decided to email an attempt at (lame) humour to show my discontent:

Hi Jade,

I just saw:

Since you like Buffy, Borat and other things, how about telling us when Canadians will be able to purchase or rent TV and movies on the Xbox Live marketplace like our US neighbours?

Will Xbox Live have goodness to offer Canada or is it only Canada that has Xbox goodness offer (like in your intro on the site)?



I was surprised to get an answer:

We are totally working on this for Canada.  We hope to have good news really soon, so more to come on this.  But know it is in the works J


It seems there’s a possibility that we’ll have some good news soon.  The story doesn’t tell how soon is soon, however. But, there’s some hope!


EDIT 2007-07-11: It has now been confirmed!