Xbox Live Video Marketplace confirmed for Canada and Europe

This just in!

I was watching live Microsoft’s E3 2007 conference and they just announced that XBox Live Video Marketplace for the XBox 360 is going global and will be available for Canada and Europe.

It will be arriving in Canada by end of the year 2007, so Canadians will now be able to enjoy downloadable TV shows and movies, including a good selection of HDTV content. My source was right that it would arrive soon.

It seems that in their live blogging of the event, Engadget did not think it was important enough to mention this.

In any case, the announcement is made even more important by the face that Apple’s iTunes Store, which has been around for much longer than XBox Live Video Marketplace, does not yet offer downloadable TV shows and movie episodes in Canada.

EDIT 2007-07-11, 8:23 AM: Some mention in the Gamerscore Blog.

EDIT 2007-07-11, 9:13 AM: XBox 360 Fanboy made it a news story.

2 thoughts on “Xbox Live Video Marketplace confirmed for Canada and Europe

  1. Cameron.M

    BO-YA is all I have to say XD I’ve been waiting for this ever since I found out 3 days after video marketplace came out that it wasn’t available for Canadiens >_< but oh well, now if we could only get rid of our child accounts or have M$ lower the “age limit” on Xbox live messenger >_<

  2. Milton

    I am glad to hear the announcement.

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