Time to buy the XBox 360 in Canada: $100 price cut tomorrow

Following the $50 (USD) price cut in the states, Canadians will get a $100 (CAD) price cut for the Core and Premium consoles and a $50 price cut for the Elite. Prices will be effective on August 8, 2007. So, for the Premium, instead of paying $499 you will be paying $399.

Why the price $100 price cut when American only got a $50 reduction. Well, with the Canadian dollar almost at par, it seems like an adjustment for our currency’s strength which wasn’t reflected previously. Also, with the PS3 at $549, Microsoft had to make the pricing more attractive with the new Madden game coming out soon.

Financially speaking, it’s the time to buy the XBox 360 if you were on the fence for a purchase.

However, you might want to wait to pick one up in September to have a better chance of scoring a newer version with the 65 nm chip, which should reduces the risk of a hardware failure. Microsoft recently extended their warranty for the infamous Red Ring of Death problem to 3 years from the date of purchase for this problem. Because of this, in the event of a failure, you are in good hands, but you could be XBox 360-less for a few weeks. This weekend, I was victim of the RRoD. Since I had an extended warranty at Future Shop, I was able to make a deal with the manager to purchase a new XBox 360 and be able to get a refund even if the repair take more than 30 days. I was RRoDed and I’m still gaming!

Source: XBox Fanboy