Facebook Opening Up: How to get the RSS feed of your Facebook status and update Twitter through Facebook

Yesterday, Dave Winer posted an article saying that Facebook *is* opening up that was followed by a few blogs, including TechCrunch.

As others quickly mentioned, the availability of RSS feeds for Friends’ posted items and status updates is not that new to Facebook and has been available for a little while. I have been following my friends’ posted items for a while now through Google Reader and it’s great. I wasn’t aware of the status feeds, however.

As Jeff Sandquist mentioned on Dave Winer’s blog it would be great to be able to be able to get your own status update feed. With this, you could automatically, through a software or service, have your Twitter status updated when you update your status on Facebook.

It took me a while last night to find out how to get my own feed, which I did. I was about to post on the subject, when I realized that Jeff Sandquist also found the pieces to the puzzle.

Read his post “How to publish your Facebook status to Twitter” to learn more.