Today is BlogDay!

Blog Day 2007

Today is BlogDay.

The idea is to recommend 5 blogs.

Here are my recommendations:

1. YashLabs by Josh Nursing

At YashLabs, Josh has been recently doing some interesting stuff lately by Hacking IronRuby for which he did a presentation at DemoCampMontreal4. He also has an AI project in the works. I first met Josh in person at the June Yulbiz Montreal event and he is presently looking for a job, so if you are in need of a great person, contact him. His specialities are:

  • Management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • IS Re-engineering
  • Information Systems Strategy Development
  • Intranet Strategy Development
  • IS Project Management
  • Systems Engineering, Software Engineering

2. The Praized blog by Sebastien Provencher

Also first met at the June Yulbiz Montreal event, Sebastien Provencher works for the Canadian Yellow Pages and his blog tag line is “Local 2.0 : where local meets social”. It pretty wells resumes the content of his daily posts. He also knows how to get attention. From his Robert Scoble is Media post to his Save Business 2.0 initiative, he sure got noticed! So, if you are interesting in Web 2.0 and local social networking, be sure to visit the Praized blog.

3. Montreal Tech Watch

To be kept informed of what’s happening in technology in Montreal, be sure to subscribe to Montreal Tech Watch. Heri, who I know from DemoCamp Montreal 3 and 4 is the main editor and writer. We both made a presentation at DemoCamp Montreal 3.

4. Marc-André Cournoyer’s blog

Marc-André Cournoyer is a developer at the StandoutJobs startup and I’ve heard more than a few times that he’s a real Ruby on Rails guru. In his blog, you’ll find a lot of interesting stuff concerning Ruby, development methodologies and much much more.

5. Bettina Forget

I wanted to at least recommend one blog that is not technical and neither in my industry. I chose Bettina Forget’s Inside the Artist’s Studio blog because I like her work.  She takes some of her inspiration from astronomy. Her work is really beautiful and original. Bettina is an artist that I met about 5 years ago because her studio was on the same floor than my office. Since I love astronomy too, I learned that she is also takes care of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada community for Montreal. So, if you like astronomy and art, I’m sure you’ll find her blog most interesting.