Play a friendly game of Status Competition on Facebook | Guest Blogger Kim Vallee


It is official now! Jerome Paradis and Kim Vallee are proud to announce that their first public Facebook application has been approved.

Why the wait to talk about it?

We wanted to wait until we received the approval to write a post about it. We invited some friends to play and they tipped Heri of Montreal Tech Watch. Another friend, Duncan Moore told Tris Hussey of MapleLeaf 2.0. We have been scooped twice but really we do not mind.

Our goal with the application

For our first application, we decided on an exercise of simplicity in design. The interface had to be simple and fast to use. I am sure it happened to you when reading your friends’ status updates. You get an instant emotion or a feeling.

The Status update rapidly informs your friends of what is going on with your life. Kim likes updating her status several times a day. Jerome imagined this concept because he saw the viral potential of the Status Updates. As a gamer, Jerome designed the application as a game-like utility. Together we refined the concept. Kim worked on the interface.

The application makes the most of psychological behaviors. When your friends vote on your status updates, it proves you have been read. By voting, your friends are telling you how they feel about your status updates. It gives instant gratification. And voting has a reciprocal power.

How Status Competition works?

Status Competition is a fun way to stay connected with your friends. It is fun to see how people use your creation. So far, we have seen friends who challenged themselves and entered into a sprint of Status Competition voting.

To climb the leader board, invite your friends to participate into a friendly Status Competition. Make your own opinion about our game. Try Status Competition and see how fun it is!

About the guest blogger: Kim Vallee is an Entertaining Expert and Tastemaker. She is happily married to Jerome Paradis. She produces At Home with Kim Vallee, a blog on stylish living and entertaining.