Learn what’s the buzz on wall discussions with Facebook Lexicon

Facebook Lexicon, a new utility that Facebook just announced can help you learn how certain words are used on discussions taking places on wall posts.

With that knowledge in hand, let’s see what’s the buzz on the Habs right now as the buzz in Montreal is increasing week after week.


We see a neat increase before the end of the regular season and a huge spike of discussions with the playoffs now taking place. Makes sense! Click on the above picture to see the most recent stats on wall discussions about the Habs.

It’s pretty neat, but I would really like to see some numbers. Maybe they only use samples? In any case, I think the idea is more to compare tendencies.

So, without wasting time, let’s compare between the Habs and the Bruins:


Ahhh! That’s better. No wonder the tickets for the series in Montreal sold in minutes and they were still tickets available in Boston at the first day of the playoffs…

UPDATE: you need to be logged in Facebook before clicking on the images to see the latest stats.