Thinking of using Graffiti CMS

I am looking to refresh my company’s Web site, ParadiVision, which has not been updated in quite a while. It does not showcase what I really have been working in for the last two years.

Yesterday, I discovered Grafitti CMS and it looks like just what I need:

  • SEO optimized
  • Dead simple
  • Easy to customize the design
  • Easy to add plug-ins for
  • .Net engine

Since most of the content is outdated and I want the new Web site to be dead simple, I will probably start from scratch with new content. Since we have our own servers on W2K 2003 and IIS and that I’m fluent with C# and .Net, the new engine will be easy to expand or write widget for if the need arise.

For the transition, I will also be using ISAPI_Rewrite, which is an Apache mod_rewrite compatible ISAPI module for IIS. I will use it to do redirects for outdated URLs. Also, I will take the time to make sure all variant of the fully qualified domain name will be properly redirected.

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