Microsoft releases Photosynth! My Grand Canyon experiment

Yesterday evening, through Scoble’s blog, I learned that Microsoft released their Photosynth technology to the public.PhotosynthGrandCanyon

Photosynth is an impressive piece of technology now out of Microsoft Live Labs. It allows to stitch together a series of pictures from a scene to generate a pseudo-3D view of the scene that users can navigate while being able to see the original pictures.

It’s not perfect yet as the plug-in required only works on Windows. They say they are working on Mac support.

I gave it a go using pictures from trip to Las Vegas I made with my wife this winter. We took an helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon. The pictures I uploaded to Photosynth were almost all taken from the ground where we landed. You can see the results here

It took a little while to process and to upload with my old desktop at home. Once uploaded, it is apparent that you need to take pictures with overlapping sections to get the best results. There’s a little icon that allow you to see photos that Photosynth could not match to the set. Also, there’s one picture of the main set that’s strangely stitched.

Over all, I am impressed at the results! Next time I take picture of a scene, I will fire a lot of shots to make synths, that’s for sure!