UGC for my webcom-Montreal Facebook conference

I would like to remind my readers that I will be giving a conference in French at webcom-Montreal about Facebook application development. webcom-Montreal will take place on November 12, 2008. Here’s the teaser for my speech:

You want to benefit from Facebook’s social graph?  You wonder if a Facebook application could give you an edge?

An engaging Facebook application could become a pillar of your marketing strategy.  This session, given in French, covers everything you need to know before developing a Facebook application.  Learn about the challenges, the design, the marketing and the development of a Facebook application.

Come discover how to meet your business goals by taking advantage of Facebook’s model and platform while avoiding costly mistakes.

In the spirit of Web 2.0, I thought of asking you what you would like to see in a speech on Facebook application development.

Have you ever dreamt of a killer Facebook application? What kind of questions comes to mind? Is there anything you would like to hear about? Do you wonder if Facebook is appropriate for some kind of applications? Would you like me to have an editorial approach or segment? (ex.: my thoughts on the future of Facebook, some app reviews, etc.) Want a lot of stats? Anything goes.

Here’s your chance to help generate content you would like to see for my conference! But be warned, if your suggestion rings some bells I haven’t wondered about, you might even be quoted.

P.S.: Don’t forget also to participate to have the chance to win a webcom-Montreal pass.