Twitter allows to follow Facebook friends, Facebook blocks feature

In their recent Mashable article, HUGE: Twitter Lets You Automatically Follow Your Facebook Friends, we learn that we can now use Twitter’s Facebook Application to find friends to follow in Twitter.

It looks like it was short lived because minutes after this article was published, it seems that Facebook blocked that capability:

Really wondering what game is being played right now! The Twitter Facebook app allow you (as an option) to publish your tweets to Facebook and it now seems that you can’t find new friends through Facebook so you can follow them on Twitter (and optionally post back to Facebook!). Strange!

Facebook was really quick in blocking Twitter and I’m wondering which Term of Service Facebook thinks Twitter did not respect.

UPDATE: on Techcrunch, there’s now an update article from MG Siegler which says this might be an issue on Facebook’s end. Maybe a coding error or, more probable: a) an API problem on Facebook’s end or b) Facebook really blocked Twitter.

UPDATE 2: it seems it is not intentional. Facebook is working with Twitter to solve the problem.