My predictions for 2010

So, I decided to join the bandwagon and give my predictions for 2010 in technology and social media.450px-Glaskugel_CrystalBall

1. We’ll see a new breed of social media curating

As we are more than ever overloaded with information, implicit filtering becomes a must. Are you able to keep up with your RSS feed? I can’t! Do you feel like you’re missing on a lot of interesting conversations shared across your networks? I sure do!
We’ve already seen a bunch of aggregators in the social media landscape as destination sites. The next wave, which will happen this year, will focus on personalized our social media streams based on our social interactions and preferences. We’ll see a lot of innovation in this space.

2. Telcos start adopting a single Android platform

Google’s upcoming Nexus One Android phone proves that Google can’t afford to have a platform where it does not better control the experience in its fight against Apple’s iPhone. I predict we will see many telcos start adopting a unified Android which will be a packaged version of the Nexus One and thelcos will start dropping other Android implementations.

3. It will be the year of BuddyPress

As more and more bloggers become media empires and as different brands want to embrace social media, we’ll see an impressive number of mainstream sites adopt BuddyPress to build their own communities.

4. Bing will integrate social shopping features

As innovation in e-commerce is stagnating outside of Amazon, social shopping will continue to boom. We’ll see major players such as Google, Microsoft and even Apple jump into social shopping. Bing, which already has some focus on shopping, will integrate social features in its search engine.

5. There will be at least one high profile lawsuit against Apple

Losers love their lawyers and success breads jealousy. A major company will have a major lawsuit against Apple. Easy prediction. There probably will be more than one high profile lawsuit against Apple. As a bonus, Apple will fend these off.

6. 2010: the year of the tablet

Another easy prediction. Everyone’s making it. I had to.

The real questions are: Will Windows 7 stand of the crowd with its multi-touch features? Will Android be majorly used? Will Apple’s tablet be great enough? As a side prediction it is sure that Apple fans will drink to cool-aid.

7. More anti-trust investigations against Google

The American Department of Justice and the European Union will open both new probes and investigations into Google’s activities. At least another high profile acquisition will be blocked. It a rite a passage Microsoft had to go through and its Google turn.

8. Facebook to become the next Paypal

In 2010, Facebook will finally launch a payment platform that can be used as a virtual currency. Eventually, users can exchange credits.

9. Facebook e-commerce applications

We will see adoption of Facebook’s payment platform outside of social gaming and we will see it adopted on Facebook Connect sites too. Want to make a donation through Facebook?

10. We’ll see innovation in e-commerce outside of Amazon

I had to make this prediction because I feel e-commerce is still at the 1.0 stage. It’s a matter of time before we begin to see innovation outside of Amazon. I’m making this prediction because you’ll have to stay tuned to Shwowp a new startup from Tara Hunt and yours truly. If others don’t start to innovate, at least there will be us! In any case, it will become true if #9 becomes true.

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